10 October 2008

NHL Preview

Real Quick here are my thoughts on how the league will shake out

Western Conference (Divisions: C-Central, P-Pacific, N-Northwest)

1> (C) Detroit - Same team as last year, but with Hossa. It would take massive underacheving to keep the Stanley Cup outside of Detroit.
2> (P) San Jose - Despite their playoff struggles last year, they still seem to be the favorite to take the Pacific.
3> (N) Minnesota - This is more by default than anything, I just don't know if any of the other Northwest teams have gotten better, even though the Wild definatly took a step back this summer.
4> (N) Calgary
5> (P) Anaheim - G JS Giguere still makes them strong
6> (P) Phoenix - A bit of an upset to make the playoffs, but they finally seem to be in the right direction
7> (P) Dallas - Step back, but should still get in.
8> (C) Chicago - First full season post-wirtz, and should get some value if they trade Khabibulin
9> (N) Colorado
10> (C) Nashville - Teams future very uncertain11> (C) Columbus
12> (N) Vancouver
13> (C) St. Louis
14> (N) Edmonton
15> (P) Los Angeles

Eastern Conference (Divsions: A- Atlantic, N- Northeast, S-Southeast)

1> (N) Montreal - They have lots of power
2> (S) Washington - Ovechkin Breakout year
3> (A) Pittsburgh - Need one more move to go from great back to dominant
4> (A) New Jersey - Rolston provides desparatly needed offensive punch
5> (A) New York Rangers
6> (A) Philadelphia
7> (S) Tampa Bay - Coach Melrose is back, needs to get more out of the defense
8> (N) Toronto - Coach Wilson going to help Tornto through a weaker NE div.
9> (N) Ottawa - Falling fast
10> (N) Buffalo
11> (S) Carolina
12> (N) Boston
13> (S) Florida
14> (A) New York Islanders
15> (S) Atlanta

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