09 October 2008

Welcome to SOTSO Hockey!

SOTSO Hockey is Born! This has been an idea of mine for sometime time to have a Minnesota Wild fan blog. Sotso Hockey stands for "State of the State of Hockey" which I think reflects my goal of reflectling the views of the greatest fan base in the NHL throughout the internet.

Also, thanks to the miracle of RSS, Y! Pipes, and other Blogger gagets this blog will also prove to be a wealth of Wild information form other sources. Headlines from area newspapers, live standings and scores from ESPN.com all in on place. And RSS users can subscribe using the buttons above.

Furthuremore, I may be looking for additional contributers, all you need a gmail account to use blogger, once set up email sostohockey@gmail.com and I can give you access to the blog :).

Doubleheader on Versus tonight: Toronto at Detroit, followed by Boston at Colorado. Boston of course is Minnesota's opponent on Saturday in their opener (of which I'll be attending). I'll have my Wild season preview tommorow, and postgame notes.


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