13 October 2008

Wild Game Review - 11 Oct 08

Here are my thoughts on the new team after watching opening night.

What I like...

*James Sheppard and Owen Nolan. These guys are the new grit leaders on the team.
*Eric Belanger is off to another fast start
*Derek Boogard is looking for the front of the net
*Colton Gilles also showed the ability to create space

What I didn't like...
*Despite a goal, D Bergeron's debut was marred by pretty bad puckhandling errors. We'll hope that was just first game nerves and will correct itself soon.

What we wonder about...
*How long will Gaborik stay in Minnesota now that they seem to be at an impasse, the franchise player played well in his opener.
*What will become of that other free agent.. G Niklas Backstrom looked terrible in the first period Saturday, but settled it to a strong game. Still one wonders if he'll be dealt at the deadline.

Up Next, Southeast roadtrip for the Wild. I like them against Atlanta and Florida, I'll be curious to look at Tampa Bay's team under the Melrose regime.

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