24 January 2009

Where are my predictions at...

Well comparing my pre-season predictions with the actual results, here's where I stand.

Team - Points/gms

Western Conference (Divisions: C-Central, P-Pacific, N-Northwest)
<2> (P) San Jose 73/45 - Amazing start, hopefully they won't fade in the playoffs
<1> (C) Detroit 68/46 - I imagine it's possible they still catch SJ if they have a February like last year's
<4> (N) Calgary 60/46 - Had them second in the northwest, they're a good club

<8> (C) Chicago 58/45 - Changing coaches after week one seems to have paid off
<6> (P) Phoenix 53/48 - Definatly a good team this year I was close on this one
<14> (N) Edmonton 51/46 - I was a little off on this one
<12> (N) Vancouver 51/48 - This one too
<5> (P) Anaheim 51/49 - Suprised they're only a bubble team

<3> (N) Minnesota 49/46 - Need goals quick
<11> (C) Columbus 49/47 - Close on this one
<7> (P) Dallas 47/45 - I didn't have high hopes for this team, amazed they're doing worse than I thought
<9> (N) Colorado 47/47 - Rebuilding
<15> (P) Los Angeles 45/46- still a season from the playoffs
<10> (C) Nashville 43/46 - underachiving
<13> (C) St. Louis 42/46 - injuries have been killer

Eastern Conference (Divisions: A-Atlantic, N-Northeast, S-Southeast)

<12> (N) Boston 73/47 - Way off on this one, grossly underestimated how good their goaltending would be and how much offense they were going to get
<2> (S) Washington 63/48 - Right on this one
<4> (A) New Jersey 61/47 - Right in this tight race

<1> (N) Montreal 60/46 - Very dissapointing they're this far out going into the break
<5> (A) New York Rangers 60/48 - this division changes leads every day
<6> (A) Philadelphia 59/46- Also in this tight race
<10> (N) Buffalo 53/47 - little surprise
<11> (S) Carolina 51/48 - also a little surprise, but will be tough to hang on

<13> (S) Florida 50/46 - overachieving
<3> (A) Pittsburgh 50/48 - Biggest dissapointment of the year. I figured a little drop off, not miss the playoffs, but Michel Therrien is an overrated coach
<8> (N) Toronto 42/47- Hate Brian Burke
<7> (S) Tampa Bay 42/47 - Melrose got mercy fired, this is a bad front office here folks
<9> (N) Ottawa 39/44 - Dissapointing
<15> (S) Atlanta 39/48 - so I got the last two flip flopped
<14> (A) New York Islanders 31/47 - so I got the last two flip flopped

Overall I think I'm looking closer in the West. But there are a lot of average and below average teams in the playoff hunt. It seems Detroit and San Jose seem on a collision course unless either chokes in the playoffs. The East is wide open and very top heavy. I would argue there are 5, maybe 6 legitamate teams that could go to the finals (suprisingly the Penguins aren't one of them)

Enjoy the skills contest tonight, and the all star game tommorow, both on Versus.

SOSTO Hockey would like to congratulate G Niklas Backstrom on his selection and he's sure to make the Wild faithful proud :).

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