03 February 2009

Cal Clutterbuck and the post All-Star Wild

I'm glad Cal Clutterbuck torched Alex Burrows on Saturday. Maybe he didn't deserve to be kicked out, but anyone in a Vancouver sweater deserves to be wacked (Mathias Ohlund deserves to have his foot sawed off for that filthy hack he put on Koivu last year, but I digress). Burrows turned his back to Cal and embelished to make sure he got the call. Quite disgraceful

I honsetly have some respect for Don Cherry for trying to support the old time hockey toughness, but I'm afraid he's using only the part of this Cal Clutterbuck fight against Toronto to make his point.


Cherry is clearly omitting the fact that people don't take their helmets off to fight Clutterbuck either. So to defend his beliefs he kind of leaves this truth out. I'm glad Cal is calling him on it.

Since the all star break, I've been happy with the harder hitting Wild. This year we really have only been able to count on Brent Burns and Clutterbuck to be consistently tough. Everyone else has looked weak (I guess Schultz still puts a good hit on once in a while). Since the all star break more people are trying to throw their bodies around and actually fight to get to the net. Hopefully this will result in more goals.

I'm happy with what I see, but I still the think the Wild find themselves on the outside this season unless this toughness is permanent.