05 March 2009

No Deal at the Deadline for the wild, and other musings

I guess I'm dissapointed the Wild didn't do anything to shore up their offense for the stretch run. But it truth, it turns out there just weren't that many sellers, especially when it seems Josh Harding was the only thing we had to offer. I imagine the Wild are going to hang on to Harding and take the compensatory picks when another team signs him to an offer sheet.

There are rumors Gaborik may be ready to go in the next couple of weeks, that will help their offense. There's rumors the Wild may even bid for Gaborik (presumably at considerably less than the 10yr@8M he was reportedly offered last fall). I like this idea only if it's possible to do so without unloading salary like Dougie did last year (see Brian Rolston).

The Wild's Other UFA's are: Foster, Bergeron, Skoula, and Vellieux, all of which earn under $2M.

The Flames did a lot at the deadline, and with San Jose suddenly ravaged by injuries perhaps the West is a 3 team race instead of Detroit and San Jose just running away from the pack.

The Devils look poised to take the hotly contested Atlantic with the return of Marty Brodeur. Still Boston's dominance is astounding to me. I had them in 12th in the East in my preseason predictions, even though I thought if things fell right they could be a playoff team. They are getting way more offense than we could've expected, and they ahve two goaltenders playing great this year after very iffy seasons last year.

If this is Coach Lemaire's last season I imagine the job would have to go to current Houston Aeros (and former San Jose Sharks) head coach Kevin Constantine. He has turned around what was one of the AHL's worst teams and has done good for the Wild system. He has NHL experience and he's a screamer.

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