13 April 2009

Lemaire "resigns", Alternate Standings, and more...

Lemaire Resigns

The only coach the Wild has ever known, Jacques Lemaire resigned on Saturday. I'm very sorry to hear this as coaches like him are very rare. Personally, I'm very glad for him, because it seems the front office never gave him the support and never followed through on their stated mission to build this team to be perennial contenders.

Despite vague shows of support, I think Lemaire was going to end up the scapegoat for the Wild's underachiving this year, and I'm glad he's leaving under his own terms.

I'm willing to concede that it's possible his message was getting stale, and it sounds like he may have lost control of the locker room this year, still coaches as good as Lemaire are incredibly rare when you look at the mediocraty of the coaches in the rest of the league.

So whatever Lemaire moves on to (and I know that Montreal job is conspicuously open) I wish him the best. As for the Wild, I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I think this is officially the first bad news of the summer.

*Alternate Standings

This is going to become my annual railing against the NHL's current standings system, which rewards Regulation Wins and Shootout wins the same, but Regulation losses and shootout losses differently.

In the interest of not overloading the blog I put the tables on a separate website

http://www.geocities.com/justinworldonline/sotso/sotsostandings.html (click here to follow along)


Not a whole lot of difference this year.

The Biggest thing to notice is that in systems I and III Florida gets in (at the expense of the New York Rangers in I and Montreal in III). In System II there is a 3 way tie for 8th in the East.

Also note that in systems I and III Bost wins the President's trophy instead of San Jose, they finished tied in system II.

Minnesota actually edges out Anaheim for 8th place in the West in system III

Carolina actually finishes 4th in the East under every alternative. Pittsburgh falls to 5th or 6th

So nothing earth shaking here this year, compared to System I each team earned an average of 9.4 extra points, you can see the adjustments in this table to see the biggest winners and losers in collecting loser points.

My Playoff Predictions

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