14 April 2009

Playoff Predictions

Okay here are my NHL Playoff Picks


#1 San Jose v. #8 Anaheim

The Sharks seem to have their groove back despite an injury ravaged second half. The Ducks seem like they'll be overpowered quite easily

San Jose in 5

#2 Detroit v. #7 Columbus

This is going to be a tough one for the defending champion Red Wings. They still boast the deepest defense and a very deep offense. But as it always seems to be with the Wings, it's goaltending and age that could prove to be their heel. The Blue Jackets bring a very young and aggressive team into their first playoff appearance. But I think experience wins out here

Detroit in 7

#3 Vancouver v. #6 St. Louis

The Blues are the hottest team in the second half of the season, but thanks to a strong finish the Canucks were able to wrestle away the Northwest title from the Flames in the final weekend. This should prove to be a good series, but I'm going to take the upset here.

St. Louis in 6

#4 Chicago v. #5 Calgary

Unlike the above series both of these teams finished heading in the wrong direction. I think the Blackhawks are more solid and Kippersoff's having an average year for the Flames.

Chicago in 7


#1 Boston v. #8 Montreal

This series will be billed as a traditional clash between original six franchises. However, from a competitive standpoint Boston looks too tough, unless G Tim Thomas falls apart. I love the Bruins here

Boston in 5

#2 Washington v. New York Rangers

This is another series the networks will be happy to have. Lots of star power, lots of stories. This might be a chance for Caps G Jose Theodore to finally get off to a good start, as the Rangers are team that's had lots of trouble.

Washington in 6

#3 New Jersey v. #6 Carolina

The Devils are a new team since G Martin Brodeur returned from his injury. But they drew an underrated Hurricanes team that could give them some trouble. This will be a tough series.

New Jersey in 6

#4 Pittsburgh v. #5 Philadelphia.

These teams finished tied at the end of the season, but I think the Flyers are better built for the playoffs. They're tougher and more durable and capapble of slowing the Penguins attack.

Philadelphia in 6

If I have to fill out the rest of my "bracket" it would be

San Jose over St. Louis in 6
Detroit over Chicago in 6
Boston over Philadelphia in 5
New Jersey over Washington in 7

San Jose over Detroit in 7
New Jersey over Boston in 6

San Jose over New Jersey in 7

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