11 April 2009

Wild Elimanted, what next...?

Well despite a good 8 goal showing last night, the Wild were elimanted from playoff contention later last after both St. Louis and Anaheim got victories in their games.

So the 8 playoff spots are spoken for in both conferences, while the Wild will have to watch (at least the golfers will probably get to go out this week with 60 degree days in the forecast).

The playoff chase was a dramatic since Sunday, when the Wild lost a point with 50 seconds left against Detroit on Sunday. Sadly, I don't think fans should buy in to the idea that making the playoffs would've been acceptable. The second round was a legitimate goal. Finishing in the top 5 in the West was a legitimate goal. Repeating as division champions was a legitimate goal, and the Wild weren't frankly close.

I still say the problem was in the depth of our forwards. We had very few scorers, we started the season with one legitimate center. This was true before this team became injury ravaged. Dougie's going to try to blame the injuries on Bouchard, Burns, and Gaborik being absent, but don't be fooled, the Wild's offense was anemic before that. The defense, and goaltending stepped up late to keep the Wild in many games when they were outshot 2-1.

I'm calling for the removal of the General Manager in this online petition, please consider signing.


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