17 May 2009

Conference Finals Picks

I got two right (Detroit, Chicago), And two wrong (bye bye Boston and Washington) in the last round.  Though I did say I wouldn't be shocked if Carolina got through, I still took Boston.  Overall I'm 6-6, here are my next round selections....

Western Conference Finals
#1) Detroit v. #4) Chicago

In the last round I was more impressed with Chicago beating a very stingy Canucks team, than the Red Wings struggling with a very poor Anaheim Ducks team.  I thought the way was paved for the Red Wings, but they played nowhere near their ablility in the last round.  They need to do that to beat this flying high Hawks team.  I want to pick the Wings to win it all, but they're poor effort in the last round really says they can't be trusted...

Chicago in 6.

Eastern Conference Finals
#4) Pittsburgh v. #6) Carolina

The Hurricanes are way better than they got credit for in the regular season.  The Pens finally solved Varmalov in game 7 in their series against the Caps.  Still, I smell upset here...

Carolina in 6.

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