12 June 2009

Off Season Musings

First, I omitted my pick for the Stanley Cup Final. It would've been Detroit in 6, but I guess we're heading for a game 7 tonight.

Next, I imagine we will find out the Wild's next head coach next week (the draft is next weekend). Apparantly, the Wild are interested in some assistants from both the Penguins and Red Wings, which has been what's delaying the process. Of the candidtates that have been bantied about I like Peter Laviolette. He won a Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes in 2006, yet he's still rather young and I think would have a lot of upside. Sharks assistant Todd Richards is also a good choice. However, these rumors about brining fired Oilers' coach Craig MacTavish have me concerned. I liked him as a player, but he's proven pretty worthless behind the bench.

Anyway I hope we find out early next week.

Finally I wanted to give some love to my new favorite NHL blog Puck Daddy on Yahoo! Sports. The Puck headlines features are like drudge for the NHL and the commentary is offbeat, yet insightful. Give them a look and I have added their RSS feed to the right side of the blog.

Should be a great game tonight, I still think Detroit pulls it out at home, but anything can happen. Still I don't think the Wings were at their best in Game 6 until the 3rd period, if they pick up where they left off there, I think the cup goes to hockeytown.

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