23 February 2010

Olympic Fever...

Sorry I've been ignoring this blog, but I'm back.

Big Congrats to the US, a team I would never thought good enough to medal has found itself the number one seed going into the elimination round after a perfect preliminary round including a 5-3 upset of the host nation.

I figured it to be in stone it will be Russia and Canada at the end (both teams winning their groups), but because Canada dropped to the 6 seed after losing to the US, those sides will now meet in the quarters (presuming Canada doesn't pull a "San Jose" against Germany today). One of those teams now won't even medal, that is shocking.

I wouldn't take the US' path to the gold medal game lightly, they would play the Swiss if they get past Belarus today. The Swiss played tough games against both the US and Canada in the preliminary round. And then it could be the Finns in the semis, a team which I think has underachieved and actually had little to play for in their final prelim loss to the Swedes.

Still that path looks more favorable than Canada's now staring at a date with pre-tournament favorite Russia (Someone crank up the NBC Ovie-Crosby rivalry promo-amatic).

It should be a great medal round. Before the tournament I predicted Canada, Russia, Finland. As the Bracket lies now I think I like Russia, Finland, United States as the order. But if the US make the Gold medal game over Finland, I would not be shocked either...

We'll re-focus on the Minnesota Wild before the NHL season resumes, and look for a cool new NHL feature when the season resumes as well...

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