03 March 2010

Wild Playoff Chances

As the Wild Resume their regular season today (at Calgary, 9pm ct, take your naps people) with 21 games to play it is time to speculate on their playoff chances.

They sit in 12th place in the West, but just 4 points behind 8th place Dallas. This doesn't seem like a lot, but having to jump 4 teams complicates things, not to mention the fact of life that are overtime point games make closing gaps difficult.

If I had to be honest, I predict the Wild again finish just outside for the second straight year. Eleven of their final 21 games are away from the X, and the Wild have been a terrible road team this year (9-21). Their schedule is pretty division heavy, and they do have games remaining against the teams they need to pass (2 against Detroit, 3 against Calgary, and the home finale against Dallas). Those six games will probably determine their fate, if they lose any more than two of them they're probably done.

But honestly, I'm somewhat ambivalent as to whether the Wild make the playoffs this year. Yes, it'd be nice, but either way I'm pleased with how this front office has operated while saddled with some constraints. This summer coming will be the Wild's big chance to move to the top of the West depending on how much cap room they have in what should be a big buyers market in free agency.

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