28 October 2010

An open letter to Allan Walsh...

Dear Allan Walsh,

If I may speak for one of the most knowledgeable hockey fan bases in the world, we find it very insulting that you are trying to portray Martin Havlat as something he simply hasn't been since arriving in Minnesota.

Havlat was -19 with 54 points in 73 games last year and a big donut so far this year.

Taking your outburst to the media makes your client look bad and won't help Mr. Havlat reach the expectations for which the Wild have (over) paid. There is no way to spin the numbers above that he's more deserving of ice time than Koivu, Brunette, Miettinen, and frankly many other players on the Wild's roster.

I commend your client for keeping his mouth shut over your idiocy. (Though personally, I hope Havlat tore you a new one privately). Havlat needs to stay quiet and find a way to approach the expectations built. I hope Havlat just keeps quiet, does what it takes to help the team, and hopefully things will turn around. Your bitching about ice time, Mr. Walsh, won't help your client one bit.

I'm sorry the Wild's front office is too weak to say these things to your face, instead they offer the cowardly excuse of how much time they've played shorthanded this year. They should be willing say what is obvious to Wild fans, Havlat is yet to play better than a second liner, and deserves to be treated as such.

I'll close by asking you to have the sense not to insult the customers again by saying things that register as untrue to any Wild observer with a brain. Havlat's role on the team is fair for what he's produced and shouldn't change until his production does, and no amount of whining from the likes of you should change that.


Justin Jelinek
State of the State of Hockey