28 April 2011

Quick Round 2 Picks

School prevents me from writing an article. Here are my very quick round 2 picks

(#1) Vancouver v (#5) Nashville

I guess I was right to be nervous about picking the Canucks last round. I don't seem to be so nervous, but Nashville will give them a fight. I wouldn't be suprised if Vancouver drops the opener tonight, but in the end...

Vancouver in 6

(#2) San Jose v (#3) Detroit

This will be a series, but I think San Jose just outlasts Detroit

San Jose in 6


(#1) Washington v (#5) Tampa Bay

Tampa showed a lot of heart with their comback against the Pens, the Caps showed no mercy with the Rangers after the blueshirts game 4 collapse. Too much to like about the Caps here.

Washington in 6

(#2) Philadelphia v (#3) Boston

Two teams that were surprisingly mistake prone against inferior opponents. I'm sorry I had Boston winning it all before last round (though a little less sorry than I was after game 2). Still Philadelphia looked inept through 6 games last round. I'm sticking with Boston (If for no other reason they have discipline czar Colin Campbell's kid on their team, yes I'll take a size 8 for my tin foil hat).

The rest of the way

Washington over Boston (switch, fewer reasons to worry about the Caps now)
San Jose over Vancouver (This series will come down to who doesn't choke, both teams are capabale)

Washington over San Jose

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