14 May 2011

Conference Final Picks


(#1) Vancouver v (#2) San Jose

I really want a reason to pick against Vancouver. I really want to think San Jose will pose more of a test to the Canucks. This will be a great batte of goaltending. But I saw way too many defensive lapses on San Jose's side against Detroit.

For the Sharks to have a chance, they have to tighten up in their own end and continue to get great goaltending from Niemi.

I'm afraid that's too tall an order against the very strong Vancouver team. Before the playoffs I had the Sharks coming out of the West, but I'm bailing here.

Vancouver in 7


(#3) Boston v (#5) Tampa Bay

This is a tough one to predict. I foolishly switched to Washington out of the east before the last round. I think I'm coming home to Boston, but again, two great goaltenders will really mean luck will play a factor as these teams are closely matched. I'm taking a guess, and when I take a guess, I put on the tin foil hat and go with Colin Campbell's kid (and the desire to see Mattias Ohlund have a real spin on the wheel of justice, instead of just four games for this crap)

Boston in 7

Final Pick

Vancouver over Boston (boy do I hate typing that).

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