10 June 2011

Loving this Final.

I wasn't able to do a preview post, I did tweet my prediction (@justinjelinek) of Vancouver in 6. And while all the momentum has clearly swung Boston's way, it's still very possible Vancouver gets it back together and wins.

I turned on Game 3 shortly after the Horton incident. And I saw everyone on the Bruins looking to get a piece of Vancouver. Even Tim Thomas took a chance to wipe out Sedin (should've been a penalty, but even if it was called, it was well worth it). It was a beautiful thing, and I think Vancouver just wasn't ready for that.

I like that Boston now looks like a team on a mission, and Vancouver now looks like the team that used to be on a mission. After Vancouver easily dispatched of a good Sharks team (sorry check another blog for the Sharks are chokers meme), the Canucks, though the first two games against Boston were close, looked to be on their way to a lopsided final.

Now Boston is clearly the team on a mission, will Vancouver find their way again?

For the record I hate both teams, but I hate Boston less, and after game 3

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