06 October 2011

One Line Predictions...

Time for my one line league predictions, I rank the teams, I type the first thing that comes to mind.

Here we go...


1> (N) Vancouver - Don't think this years team is as good as last, but good news, they're still in the Northwest division
2> (P) San Jose - If Burns doesn't stay healthy, it could be trouble, but there's no reason to doubt the Sharks
3> (C) Chicago - A team built to be back on the rise
4> (P) Los Angeles - Richard's provides good offense
5> (C) Nashville - They could sneak into round 2 again
6> (C) Detroit - Think the wings could be in for an awakening
7> (P) Phoenix - Will need good goaltending post-Bryz
8> (C) St. Louis - I'm not sleeping on the Blues
9> (N) Minnesota - Better, but not quite enough strength in back
10> (P) Anaheim - Did Teemu come back?
11> (N) Colorado - May have better goaltending, but they overpaid
12> (C) Columbus - Wisnewski might be helpful, when his isn't suspended for being a jag-off
13> (P) Dallas - Rebuild
14> (N) Calgary - see below
15> (N) Edmonton - Good hockey must be against provincial law in Alberta.

1> (A) Pittsburgh - That's what everyone else tells me
2> (S) Washington - C'mon they can't choke forever
3> (N) Boston - No reason to like anyone else in northeast, they're the most complete team
4> (S) Tampa Bay - They'll nip on Washington, and they'll be close to my next choice
5> (N) Buffalo - Added some goals, they won't be an easy first round
6> (A) Philadelphia - Who to root for if they play Boston in the first round?
7> (A) NY Rangers - If they stay healthy they'll do better, but Gaborik is still on their team
8> (S) Carolina - They were close last year, I think they'll finish on the right side of the 8 line
9> (N) Montreal - At least Habs fans have a history of taking failure well.
10> (A) New Jersey -They'll be in the hunt most of the way this time
11> (N) Toronto - They'll still sell out every game
12> (S) Winnipeg - Me thinks this guy overstates the importance of home ice advantage
13> (S) Florida - An expensive failure
14> (A) NY Islanders - Out of the conference cellar at least
15> (N) Ottawa - Yeah...

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