25 October 2011

Pronger Schadenfreude...

I should point out that despite the title of this blog being "The State of the State of Hockey", I feel the need to point out I have no reason to believe the following opinion is in any way representative of fans opinons in the State of Hockey.

In case you missed it Pronger took a stick to his face in the Flyers' game against Toronto last night.

I for one cannot feel the least bit sorry for the man who once did this...

(low volume, and skip to about :23 if you want to go past the talking).

In fact if you search "Pronger Elbow" on Youtube, you'll find an alarming number of results.

I am most certainly experiencing what the Germans call schadenfreude. I am 100% of the opinion the NHL will be a safer, better place during the four weeks he is supposed to miss.

I'm sorry no one in the hockey media can take this position because of how politically incorrect it is to delight an injury. But Pronger has been such a terror over his career, surely this can be an exception. I'm willing to say it.

I would be glad to say it to Pronger's face. I would simply show him his Youtube legacy to see how he justifies it in his warped mind. Then of course I'd better duck (I certainly better duck once I turn my back).

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