10 November 2011

Wild's Old Sharks visit old team tonight in San Jose

The Wild have won 5 straight and to the pleasant surprise of fans like myself the Wild are one of two teams averaging two goals allowed or fewer per game (I'm suprise, but not so pleasantly, that Edmonton is the other). Against most predictions, the Wild are overachieving, yet Yeo seems to be a good job of making sure the team doesn't stay satisfied where they can improve.

Tonight's game features the teams that made two big deals with each other, evaluate how the Wild did on this.

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Heatley for Havlat:

Heatley may never live up to his hype, but there's no question the Wild are getting more out of Heatley than they ever would've out of Havlat (in case anyone forgot how Havlat played his way into the third line last October).  That is the more obvious way in which this is a win.  The concerns one would have with Heatley point to his pattern of throwing GM's under the bus, and if there could be ugliness beyond what went down with Havlat last year.  But when you think about it, I don't think Fletcher plans to be in a position where signing Heatley is a huge priority after is deal is up.  Heatley has played well, but probably not up to a level of his $7.5M a year contract (unless you're comparing to Gabroik's 13 goals in his injury riddled final season here, then by all measures, Heatley is shattering that).  But I don't expect Fletcher is going to feel a need to overpay to resign Heatley, nor do I think he's going to be too bothered if Heatley ever demands out.

Setoguchi, Coyle, First Round Pick (Phillips) for Burns:

This is going to be a tougher trade to judge.  I personally miss Burns a lot, but after some rough spots, the defense seems to have done a lot.  But Burns should bring a lot to San Jose's defense and that's a lot of value the Wild let go.  Setoguchi has played well on both Koivu's and Bouchard's lines.  Either way he's going to get more ice time than he did in San Jose.  Also he shoots really hard, one of these days he's going to go Fulton Reed on some goalie.  Coyle is at Boston University, with 9 points in 7 games, and Phillips so far has 31 points in 17 games for St John of the QMJHL if both players can play well when they reach the NHL, I think Fletcher may have hit a "home run" here, to borrow from Pawn Stars parlance.

Still I will forever miss Brent Burns moments like this

(I was at this game, and it occurs to me I saw Gaborik score 5 goals against the Rangers that evening. I'm sure that's the last time Gabroik does anything that annoys the Rangers).

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