12 December 2011

Wild thing of the month - November 2011

So between the wonderful realignment news and having a post picked up by Puck Daddy it's been a busy week here at State of the State of Hockey, and so I'm quite late with naming SOTSO Hockey's "Wild Thing of the Month" for November.

First an honorable mention to the Minnesota Wild's defense.  They have improved on what was already near the top in the league on goals against average.  But it's efforts like these that make it seem that the GAA isn't just about the excellent goaltending.  Defenders are helping when they need to get to the line in a pinch.

(video after the jump)

I hope to continue to see this effort on D.  If we do, the Wild will be an incredibly tough team to score against, and this should help them stay near the top of the league.

But there can be just one Wild Thing of the month in November, and the winner is Mikko Koivu for his shorthanded goal against St. Louis.

Koivu would go on to score the game tying goal in the final 2 minutes in this game, and score in the Shootout with Matt Cullen to pull this victory out for the skating W's.  Before this game, Koivu only had one goal and 9 assists in the first 19 games, since (including this game) he has had 6 goals and 9 assists, in 11 games.

Koivu has turned his slow start around the league is on notice.

Congrats to Mikko Koivu! The SOTSO Hockey Wild Thing of the Month for November!

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