02 January 2012

Torres suspension only exposes flaw in NHL discipline.

The word is out that Raffi Torres has been suspended 2 games for a hit on the Wild's Nate Prosser.

Here's the Department of Player Safety's video:

I'm glad the NHL decided to punish this hit, but I must bring up the Eric Johnson attempt to hit Matt Cullen in the Wild-Avs game on November 17. Click over to Hockey Wilderness to find a good animated gif of this hit.

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The only difference between the two is Torres connected on his hit attempt.  Johnson attempted to do the exact same thing to Cullen, but missed. Nothing happened to Johnson.  Why should Johnson be rewarded with no suspension just because he missed?

The NHL needs to stop considering resulting injuries (I cringe every time I hear this was factored in a video), and start focusing on reckless actions.

(On an aside, anyone else worried that he mentioned Torres was fined earlier in the day multiple times? Makes me think that's the only reason there was a suspension here, and the only reason the Department of Player Safety overlooked the fact that Prosser shouldn't have been standing there #sarcasm).

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