13 May 2012

Conference Finals Predictions in five lines or less...

At least I still have the Rangers, after surviving game sevens in each of the first two rounds.  They were my original pick for the cup, but the other three of my original final four are no more.

Maybe I get some brownie points for picking the Devils in round two in a series between two teams I did not pick to get out of round one.

So basically starting from scratch here.


(1) NY Rangers v. (6) New Jersey

The Rangers end up playing the three lowest seeds in the East in their path to the Stanley Cup finals.  That should be easy, but I am not reassured that they have been pushed to seven games by both the Capitals and the Senators.  New Jersey made relatively easy work of the Flyers in the last round.  If Brodeur's A game lasts one more round, the Broadway Blueshirts are in trouble.  On the other hand, I think the Rangers can find a level missing from the first two rounds.

New York in 6


(3) Phoenix v (8) Los Angeles

There is no sleeping on the Kings.  They are as legit as any other team in the Western Conference playoffs.  I find great goaltending quite exciting, so I am not going malign this series like many authors.  It's going to be Smith v. Quick.  On the surface I like Quick, but I admit, I've underestimated Smith as well.  It should be tense and all the games should be close.  This is a guess.

Los Angeles in 7

The rest of the way...
New York over Los Angeles

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