30 May 2012

Stanley Cup Final prediction in five lines or less.

So this is it.  Enjoy the break in hockey for the last five days? Me either.

So my original bracket is busted.  And I'm guessing very few people had New Jersey and Los Angeles in the final, but that's where we are.  Who knew these were the two best teams in their respective conferences?  I'd like to say at the very least I knew Vancouver wasn't any good, but even though losing to LA in round 1 was a stretch.
(#6) New Jersey v (#8) Los Angeles

Both teams have good goaltending.  Despite my prediction that Marty eventually has to slow down, he's looks like stellar 90s Brodeur backing the Devils, and has failed to become a liability.  In the end, LA will score more goals, but interestingly enough, New Jersey is probably going to bring more aggression than any of the Kings' opponents so far. (By the way the Kings opponents were allegedly the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seeds in the Western Conference).  This one will be interesting and close, but in the end my guess is...

Los Angeles in 6.

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