18 January 2013

My One Sentence NHL predictions.

Here are my one sentence NHL predicitions.

(C- Central, N- Northwest, P- Pacific)

1> (C) St. Louis - I believe they are the deepest, most complete team
2> (P) Los Angeles - The defending champs very much belong in the converstaion
3> (N) Minnesota - May be optimistic, love the forwards, like the goaltending, and if the young D improves, they are the best team in the Northwest.

4> (N) Vancouver - Everyone except Russo has Vancouver winning the Northwest.  I think this is a team that's going to play a tougher schedule than years past and under more distractions than ever.
5> (C) Chicago - Could do better than 5th, need to stay healthy, still question in the pipes.
6> (P) San Jose - Should be okay in reg season, but LA is the new front runner in the Pacific.
7> (C) Detroit - I think Lidstrom's retirement raises many questions, but still a playoff team.
8> (C) Nashville - Obviously losing Suter hurts, but Renne is still going to be a force.

9> (N) Edmonton - Wouldn't surprise me if they squeaked in if SJ, DET or NSH have a rough spell.
10> (P) Phoenix - Still have some upside.
11> (N) Colorado - A better year, but not there yet.
12> (P) Anaheim - Might not be a good swan-song for Teemu.
13> (P) Dallas - We'll see about Jagr's impact.
14> (N) Calgary - Not a lot of hope for them.
15> (C) Columbus - Even less hope than Calgary.

(A- Atlantic, N- Northeast, S- Southeast)

1> (N) Boston - If Rask is solid, this is the best team in the East, and will meet little resistance in their division
2> (A) New York Rangers - I still like the Rangers in the Atlantic, good team front to back.
3> (S) Washington - Even after last year's bad regular season, I can't bet against them in the Southeast.

4> (A) Pittsburgh - They might challenge the Rangers, but their playoff effort was dissapointing.
5> (A) Philadelphia - C'mon who doesn't want to see the rematch against Pittsburgh though fifth feels optimistic with Bryz's issues and other distractions.
6> (N) Buffalo - A very improved team, wouldn't surprise me to see them a little higher.
7> (S) Carolina - Two Staal's are better than one, and this team's future looks bright.
8> (S) Tampa Bay - Goaltending questions key for the bolts, but they're in if they do all right

9> (N) Toronto - The pursuit of 8th place comes up short.
10> (A) New Jersey - Hard to imagine last year's finalist falls this far, but they got troubles.
11> (S) Florida - Another team that's hard to imagine falls far, but more an issue that everyone else in their division is better than last year.
12> (A) New York Islanders - A little improvement for this team.
13> (N) Ottawa - Can't think of too many reasons to like this team.
14> (N) Montreal - Can think of even fewer reasons to like this team.
15> (S) Winnipeg - And their stupid fans will be razzing opposing, yet superior goaltenders every step of the way.

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