07 February 2013

Wild Thing of the Month - January 2013.

(Editor's note: The Wild Thing of the Month features the one story, performance, or event that, in the opinion of this blogger, made Wild fans the happiest.  Feedback always welcome.)

Well the Minnesota Wild came back in January, and the Wild would start what was their most promising season in their history.

Unfortunately, things haven't gone as well as hoped and the Wild are floating about the playoff bubble right now.

Still there is a highlight worth to be name the "Wild Thing of a Month." In a tough, high scoring game against the juggernaut that is the St. Louis Blues, Dany Heatley scored a very difficult goal to tie the game late in the 3rd.  Heatley had positioned himself on the doorstep of the St. Louis goal in a scramble.  A floating puck came down and Heatley waited for it to drop just below the crossbar before batting it in from mid-air.

The Wild would go on to lose this game in a shootout.  But this goal saved a point for the team and gave them a chance to get two from the best team in the West.  I know Heatley's critics are right to point out that this is probably the last goal Heatley has scored, and hasn't contributed a lot since this game.

But in this case, I want to award the best moment in the month mor than who was the best performer over the whole month.  So I congratulate Dany Heatley for having the Wild thing of the month.  I hope you find your way back to the front of the net soon.  The team needs you.

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