18 March 2013

One SOH Opinion: Should the team with the injury have influence on how it's served?

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I understand that what I'm about to propose is probably impractical, but hey, if you can't post impractical things once in a while, what's the point in having a blog?

I was listening to Thursday's Marek vs Wyshynski podcast, and Jeff Marek made a suggestion that Corey Perry's suspension for hitting Jason Zucker on Tuesday actually hurts the Minnesota Wild in the sense that Anaheim is about to play several teams that Minnesota would like to see lose.  (The part of the show I am referencing is from about 39:10 to 40:20)

In this particular season it appears that Chicago and Anaheim are pretty much destined to go #1 and #2 in the West. (Sportsclubstats.com currently has Anaheim at a combined 98% to finish 2nd or better in the West. Chicago's percentage is even higher.)  So Anaheim continuing to win doesn't really harm Minnesota in terms of playoff chances, as the Wild will at best finish 3rd in the West if they can find a way to finish ahead of Vancouver.

Back to Perry, he received a four game suspension.  In the instance of a suspension, what if Minnesota (as the team with the player injured), had an option to make the one of the four games of the suspension the next meeting with the Wild?

On the surface this is a thought provoking idea.  But if you scratch too deep, it's frought with problems.  The first of which is there are no more meetings between Minnesota and Anaheim this season, unless they get matched up in the playoffs.  If such an option existed, could it be used for a playoff game?  If such an option existed, could it carry into next season?  If such an option existed what happens if Perry isn't playing for Anaheim next year, is this option a burden of his new team?

Yet a part of me likes the idea that the team that suffered the injury gets some say in it.  On the other hand if such an option existed as a result of the Taylor Hall incident on Cal Clutterbuck I wonder if the Wild would take it, or if they would prefer to make Hall play in their next meeting.  Many Wild fans was disappointed when Taylor Hall found a hamstring injury the day before the March 4th rematch following the Clutterbuck incident.  This put off any on-ice retribution until late April, and at the rate the Oilers are going, they will be well out of the playoff race.

So what say you? Should the team with the injury have some say in when a suspension is served?  If so, how you would address some of the issues this would introduce?


Anonymous said...

The Clutterbuck injury was karma. How many players has he injured over the years. If retribution was the order of the day for such acts he would have been out of the league years ago.
Nice to read that Wild fans have become the new Canuck fans ala the Bertuzzi era, i.e. trying to justify the unjustifiable. Stay classy Minnesota.

SOTSOHockey Main said...

How many players has Cal injured over the years?