30 April 2013

Justin's NHL Playoff Predictions.... Round 1

It's that time of year again,  Time for playoff precdictions, and for the first time since 2008, the Minnesota Wild have made the final 16.

Without Further Ado.


#1) Chicago vs. #8) Minnesota

Chicago in 6 (and I think that may be generous.)

Bottom line: Chicago has been good start to finish and Minnesota has won 5 games in April.

#2) Anaheim vs. #7) Detroit

Detroit in 7

Bottom line: Who doesn't want to see one last Detroit-Chicago series before realignment :)

#3) Vancouver vs. #6) San Jose

Vancouver in 7

Bottom line: Both teams will try and choke this away, but Vancouver is deeper up front.  I love it when two filthy teams whack each other.

#4) St. Louis vs. #5) Los Angeles

St. Louis in 7

Bottom line: Another physical series, and I hate LA more than St. Louis now


#1) Pittsburgh vs. NY Islanders

Pittsburgh in 5

Bottom line: Who wants another brawl in Long Island? I do!

#2) Montreal vs. #7) Ottawa

Montreal in 6

Bottom line: Montreal is probably underrated in the states, but they've become a pretty complete team.

#3) Washington vs. #6) NY Rangers

Washington in 6

Bottom line: These guys again.  If Ovi is as strong as he's shown in the last couple months, I don't know if NY Rangers have an answer.

#4) Boston vs. #5) Toronto

Boston in 7

Bottom line: Well hopefully Leafs fans will get their moneys worth.

The rest of the way....
Chicago over Detroit
St. Louis over Vancouver
Chicago over St. Louis
(wow picking all Norris matchups for the Hawks)

Pittsburgh over Boston
Montreal over Washington
Pittsburgh over Washington

Chicago over Pittsburgh

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