14 May 2013

Justin's NHL Playoff Predictions, Round 2

Time for new predictions as there is no waiting for Round 2, it begins tonight.

I am disappointing in my 4 out of 8 result from the first round, and I needed a Toronto collapse to get four.

Here's hoping for a better Round 2.


(#1) Chicago v. (#7) Detroit

I still think Chicago is the best team in the playoffs and I was probably optimistic hoping the Minnesota Wild would win 2 in the first round., even through they were close to winning game one.  Detroit might give the Blackhawks a little more trouble and obviously aren't that bothered being underdogs.  I'm glad we get this matchup one more time before realignment.  But this one goes to Chicago.

Chicago in 6

(#5) Los Angeles v. (#6) San Jose

I admit I didn't see much of the Sharks-Canucks series, it was over before I knew it.  So both teams enter the series having won four straight (though the Kings dropped the first two to St. Louis.)  If you liked Blues-Kings, I think this series has the ability to live up to that tight, heavy reputation is well.  I'd take seven of these.

San Jose in 7


(#1) Pittsburgh v. (#7) Ottawa

Like most fans, I was surprised to see the Islanders play Pittsburgh so close in Round one.  Ottawa did a great job containing Montreal and I think they might give Pittsburgh similar fits.  But in the end the Pens will find a way.

Pittsburgh in 6

(#4) Boston v. (#6) New York Rangers

Boy if it took two minutes longer for Boston to figure out how to score they wouldn't be here.  The Rangers also aren't getting the scoring that their lineup would indicate on paper.  As much as I need Boston to win so I can beat Gilles Ferrell from Hockey Wilderness and Team of 18,001  in our NHL.com bracket challenge I think I'm going to switch and get on board with the Broadway Blueshirts.

New York in 7

The rest of the way....

Chicago over San Jose
Pittsburgh over New York Rangers
Chicago over Pittsburgh

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