13 May 2013

The two most ridiculous types of Wild Chirps....

Oh the twittersphere.  I like it.  I like it's immediacy, I like that it provides a level of access to some of the best bloggers and sportswriters in ways unthinkable 10 years ago.  (And I hope I give back to this in my small way.)  I like that we can all watch the games while tweeting together.

But sometimes, there is plenty of stupidity that can be seen as well.  And people love to kick a team when their down.  I get that's fun, and in fairness I've engaged in it myself.  (Most recently by dancing on the Peoria Rivermen's grave, I will never forgive their fans for cheering Cuma's injury at the X in a game against Houston two years ago.)

Trash talk is part of the game, it's part of the fun, and I'm willing to accept that and engage in it.  (Obvioulsy I got sick of the line when they were handing out "Minnesota Nice" to newborns in this state.)  The danger of trash talk is that it will expose your stupidity.  And I have to say, upon the Wild's elimination there are two types of "chirps" that are incredibly stupid on their face.  I'm pointing out the highest profile example of each, but suffice to say

Ha Ha, $196 Million = 1 Playoff Win.

First, it's not like Parise and Suter are rentals.  They have 12 year deals.  The Wild have missed the playoffs four years in a row before this year, and really were never close in those season.  (The Wild were in until the second to last day in 2009, but otherwise it's been bad.)  Now they're in, even though the season ending was way closer than it should have been.

Meanwhile Nashville and New Jersey were both perennial playoff teams that weren't even close this year.  (Though I'm willing to entertain the argument New Jerey's woes had a lot more to do with Brodeur's injury.)

Oh well it's not like any serious sportswriters would make this remark.  Well I should point out the Minnesota Wild tied the Avs this season for most playoff appearances since the two teams met in 2008.  And it is likely the Wild will move ahead of Colorado next year and build the lead for a couple years after that.

But still, the hockey IQ in Minnesota is higher.  It's not like anyone in the media in this market would say something as abusrd...

Playoff loss means Fletcher failed at Pominville trade

Oh Patrick Reusse.  My favorite of the area curmudgeons.  But this statement only really makes sense if Pominville was a true rental.  The Wild traded him getting another year on his deal.  A year that again should be a playoff run and a higher finish.  When Pominville was in he was the legit finisher that was sorely missed in this series.  He wasn't full speed in the playoffs, but I hope this summer gives him a chance to recover.  (Thank goodness the NHL saw fit to suspend Dustin Brown for two games to prove they care about player safety huh?)

If Pominville were a true rental (meaning his contract is up this summer) this argument is totally legit, and it makes me wonder if Reusse's even aware of that.  Pommer's playing for a contract next year (and I'd like it to be here) we should see his best.  Yes his price was high, but one they could afford without affecting the game day roster.  Again, this is rooted in the faulty premise that the Wild would win the cup on the first try.  It's not like the Wild gave up all of that for just one month.  Seriously what owner would let something like that happen?

I probably had higher expectations than anyone thinking the Wild would win the Northwest this year. (Despite the April swoon ended up just four points short.)  Fear not for one season.  The elimination may have been early, but there's no denying there is one big step taken in the right direction, even met with a harsh reminder there is much work to do.  This team is built to have several more chances in the near future, but if idiots need cheap laughs now, let them.

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