31 March 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 3 - Symphony Of Destruction

Welcome to Episode 3 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.

64 minutes of fan-centric Wild Talk!



We didn't mean to call Stastny walking "a trade," our bad.
Joe drops a change of opinion on Vanek.
Excited the playoffs are coming soon.
Wild perfect week in review, guess where we give the credit?
Brodziak v Phaneuf, been out since.
Wild play well against Toronto, but Leafs make it interesting.
Isles run over the Wild, but still get a result.
We're both dads!
Joe wants one more visit to Uniondale for the Wild.
Ugh, why did they change the name of the Atlantic division to the Metropolitan?
Justin rips on Tavares' shootout attempt.
Revisiting Joe's idea to add a chaser to the shootout.
"Wire to wire" over Calgary.
Quick pulled despite good effort.
Winnipeg gets jobbed by the refs against Chicago, Justin actually feels bad. (Grantland)
Wild playoff probabilities. (SportsClubStats)
Justin mentions the Swarm.
Who's in the playoffs so far?
Pre-recorded, we're doing it wrong.
Three Stars of the week, nobody's going to be surprised about #1.
Many Honorable Mentions.
Listener Tweets.
Most favorable opponents.
Joe hates NBC Sports, Justin hates ESPN. Battle Royale this summer.
World Cup of Hockey is in 2016. (nhl.com)
Why is the playoff format so complicated?
Sean McIndoe is still right about the flaw in the Wild Card playoff format. (Grantland)
Many of Justin's old posts on realignment (SOTSOH Blog Archive)
Tough schedule (@angelbear82711)
Justin and Joe aren't always always on the same page.  Justin actually thinks Wild at Braemar is a good idea.
Justin admits his love for Billy Joel, Joe is non-plussed.
Agree on a spelling for Dubnyk. (@uncanny_megan@rebeccatherine, @DrainScott)  You will have to download to get the answer.  Or wait until we start tweeting on Thursday.
Justin likes many goalies.
Weekly predictions. (No agreement on either game.)
Rangers wrecked Kuemper's year.
Joe and Justin disagree about Fontaine hit being a headshot.  Justin revisits Ballard hit.
Joe revisits the trade deadline acquisitions one month later.
Joe doesn't notice Justin's tweets always, but it's okay.
Early talk of next year.  (The Fourth Period)
Justin hates Cooke.

Next episode on Monday, April 6.
Most new episodes on Tuesday mornings.

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23 March 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 2 - Charlie O'Coyle

Welcome to Episode 2 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.

50% bigger than last week's podcast, Packed with talk of the week that was, the week to be, listener tweets AND SO MUCH MORE!



Yay to the Gopher Women's Hockey Team.
Dumba finishes off the Preds.
Washington loss is not Dubnyk's fault.
Stewart's great goal starts the onslaught over St. Louis
Listen to Justin surf the internet. (NHL Numbers)
We miss Josh Harding.
Dubnyk wants to stay. (Russo Star Tribune)
Justin still thinks the Blues are good.
Joe fears the Ducks the most.
Standings Update (SportsClubStats.com, NHL.com)
Justin and Joe are ticket buying fans.  (SOTSOHockey archive)
Three Stars (Justin totally meant to say "Washington" when he said "Vancouver")
Joe likes Dumba's funny Instagram.  (Instagram: matt.dumba)
We Still Love Dubnyk!
Remembering the first game against the Islanders. (Somehow this didn't turn into a huge rant against the Department of Ignoring Player Safety, Maybe next time)
#sotsohpod tweets. (@DrainScott, @DrainScott, @uncanny_megan, @TonyWiseau)
How good was Suter on the game winner against Nashville?
For the second time in two weeks, Justin totally rants against an entire fanbase.
Justin is a standings purist, hates shootouts, like new OT proposal a little bit.
Justin and Joe almost argue about ESPN and hockey.
Justin should be commissioner.
Joe and Justin are opposites on the proposed faceoff change.
Joe talks about playing right D as a Lefty while discussing Brodin's side switch.
Justin's thoughts on plus-minus.
Joe gets his dig in on Vanek.
Justin totally misreads Tony's tweet.
Previews and predictions.
Justin loves @downgoesbrown. (Twitter: @downgoesbrown)
Mrs. SOTSOH's (JJ) favorite players.
Justin admits to changing the channel to "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" last time the Wild played the Kings. (IMDB: "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles")
Joe and Justin are worried about being kicked out of the arena against certain opponents.
Will Dubnyk get a rest?

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17 March 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 1 - Dooooob!

Welcome to Episode 1 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.



Wild trounce Jersey
Fall short against Anaheim
Dumba's on the Power Play
Wild defeat St. Louis with Dubnyk
sportsclubstats.com update.
Playoff Picture
Three Stars
Dubnyk Contract
Justin hates the Avs
Predictions for the week
Joe has something to say about Stoner
Prosser out
Carter and Scandella back
Talk with us on the Tweety-box

New episodes will post on Tuesday mornings most weeks.

However, Episode 2 drops the morning of Monday, 22 March, ahead of that evening's game against Toronto. Download again :).

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16 March 2015

State of the State of Hockey Podcast Debut

After nearly two years of dormancy, it's time to announce the State of the State of Hockey (SOTSOHockey) blog is making a comeback with a weekly podcast, with a debut on Tuesday, March 17.  Look for it at youtube.com/sotsohockey.

The podcast will feature Justin Jelinek and Joe Hayford in what should prove to be a fun and interesting 30 minute-ish weekly dose of hockey banter from two passionate Minnesota Wild fans.

Host: Justin Jelinek

A database developer residing in Apple Valley, MN, Justin's earliest memories of hockey fandom relate to the Minnesota North Stars Stanley Cup run in 1992.  The North Stars will leave Minnesota in 1993, which by coincidence is when Justin's family also left the state for the south.  In addition to the Twin Cities area, Justin has also lived in Wake Forest, NC, Cokato, MN, Sheboygan, WI, and attended college in Winona, MN at Winona State University.  At Sheboygan North High School, Justin was involved in WSHS radio and continued with KQAL radio at Winona State University before graduating in 2007.  Justin returned to the Twin Cities area after leaving Winona and would also later earn a second bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State University in 2011 before beginning his software career :).

After losing the North Stars, Justin adopted as temporary favorite teams the ECHL's Raleigh IceCaps during his stay in North Carolina and the Milwaukee Admirals of the IHL/AHL during his stay in Wisconsin.  However, rooting interest in the Minnesota Wild has been constant since day one of the current franchise.  Justin had been the sole writer on State of the State of Hockey from 2008-2013, and occasionally included on Yahoo! Puck Daddy's "Puck Headlines" feature.

Co-Host: Joe Hayford

Born and raised in the State of Hockey, and currently residing in Hopkins, MN, Joe does not find it hard to take to the sport.  "It's a sport that draws you in and becomes pure unadulterated obsession" as he describes it.  In addition to his passion, Joe also like to bring a heavy dose of stats to his analysis of the coolest game on earth.

Exited to join the State of the State of Hockey team, Joe plans to act as "statistical juggernaut, cheerleader, rube, and unfortunately at times, grief counselor."

Before joining State of the State of Hockey, Joe writes about the Wild at "TwinTitanBlogs."

Producer: Andrew Carlson

Originally from Rushford, MN, Andy Carlson has been a lifelong Vikings and Twins fan.  Andy played High School football with Rushford-Peterson in high school and part of the 1A State Championship team in 2002.

Andy currently is the host of the PurpleFTW podcast, co-host of the Andy Must Di podcast, and host and producer of the Football Convos podcast.

We are excited to bring State of the State of Hockey under Andy's umbrella.