23 March 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 2 - Charlie O'Coyle

Welcome to Episode 2 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.

50% bigger than last week's podcast, Packed with talk of the week that was, the week to be, listener tweets AND SO MUCH MORE!



Yay to the Gopher Women's Hockey Team.
Dumba finishes off the Preds.
Washington loss is not Dubnyk's fault.
Stewart's great goal starts the onslaught over St. Louis
Listen to Justin surf the internet. (NHL Numbers)
We miss Josh Harding.
Dubnyk wants to stay. (Russo Star Tribune)
Justin still thinks the Blues are good.
Joe fears the Ducks the most.
Standings Update (SportsClubStats.com, NHL.com)
Justin and Joe are ticket buying fans.  (SOTSOHockey archive)
Three Stars (Justin totally meant to say "Washington" when he said "Vancouver")
Joe likes Dumba's funny Instagram.  (Instagram: matt.dumba)
We Still Love Dubnyk!
Remembering the first game against the Islanders. (Somehow this didn't turn into a huge rant against the Department of Ignoring Player Safety, Maybe next time)
#sotsohpod tweets. (@DrainScott, @DrainScott, @uncanny_megan, @TonyWiseau)
How good was Suter on the game winner against Nashville?
For the second time in two weeks, Justin totally rants against an entire fanbase.
Justin is a standings purist, hates shootouts, like new OT proposal a little bit.
Justin and Joe almost argue about ESPN and hockey.
Justin should be commissioner.
Joe and Justin are opposites on the proposed faceoff change.
Joe talks about playing right D as a Lefty while discussing Brodin's side switch.
Justin's thoughts on plus-minus.
Joe gets his dig in on Vanek.
Justin totally misreads Tony's tweet.
Previews and predictions.
Justin loves @downgoesbrown. (Twitter: @downgoesbrown)
Mrs. SOTSOH's (JJ) favorite players.
Justin admits to changing the channel to "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" last time the Wild played the Kings. (IMDB: "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles")
Joe and Justin are worried about being kicked out of the arena against certain opponents.
Will Dubnyk get a rest?

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