14 April 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 5 - Because It's the Cup

Welcome to Episode 5 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.

58 Minutes of firings, should've been firings and playoff things :).



Justin doesn't understand why Roy still has a job.
Jeff Simmons at Sportsnet Canada names the worst coach of the year. (Sportsnet.ca).
Mentioning a few coaches that actually were fired.
Okay Joe and Justin totally fail memory test of the 2013 Draft.  Edmonton drafted 7th that year and did not have a chance at Seth Jones.  (Wikipedia)
For the record, Edmonton took D Darnell Nurse that year.  Click to see how he's doing (Wikipedia)
Joe admits a secret about attending the Winnipeg game.
Debate about which Chicago beatdown was better (Tuesday or Feb 3rd)
Wild beat Nashville even with players sitting.
Nobody wanted to play on Saturday.
@dhd823 reminds us that Joe Sakic is a moron. (@dhd82, Yahoo! Puck Daddy)
Listener Tweets on Resting Players (@rebeccatherine, @MonsieurCRay)
Zucker's first game game back (@angelbear82711)
Three stars and honorable mentions!
Come join Joe and Justin at Joe Senser's in Bloomington on Saturday for Game 2.
Rest of the previews.
Listener Tweet on playing at home vs away (@uncanny_megan)
Justin gets browbeaten into changing a pick.

We didn't discuss this on the show, but we announce the SOTSOHockey "Win Justin Jelinek's Money" NHL Bracket Challenge.

In honor of his two favorite players, Justin is putting up $11.40 that says he has the winning bracket. But in the spirit of the greatest game show ever produced, he will defend his money by "becoming a common contestant."

(If anyone asks why not $40.11 Justin's two favorite players may suddenly become Keith Ballard and Charlie Coyle.)

If Justin wins the SOTSOHockey League at NHL.com's Bracket Challenge there will be no prize awarded!

To challenge Justin for the $11.40 grand prize:
1)  Enter the SOTSOHockey League at NHL.com's Bracket Challenge.
2)  Have the highest ranking entry among eligible contents and rank higher than Justin's entry, entry name: "Justin J".

NHL.com Bracket Challenge scoring and tiebreakers apply in ranking.  Prize will be divided equally in the event of winning entries tied after tiebreakers.

To be eligible contestants must do all of the following before NHL.com locks the brackets before play begins on Wednesday.

1)  Must follow both @SOTSOHockeyJJ and @SOTSOHockeyJoe on Twitter
2)  Must tweet Entry name to either @SOTSOHockeyJJ or @SOTSOHockeyJoe using hashtag #sotsohpod.
3)  Must only enter once. (Anyone caught with multiple entries will be disqualified!)
4)  Must not be Joe Hayford, Andy Carlson, their spouses, or Justin Jelinek's spouse.

Prize will only be paid using Paypal or Google Wallet.  Creating one of these accounts is required to receive prize.

Back to show notes....

Justin is now officially a season ticket holder next year.
Playoff tickets are scarce folks.
Viewing party Thursday night at the X. (wild.com)
Join us Saturday at Joe Senser's in Bloomington for another viewing party.

Next episode on Monday, April 20.
Most new episodes on Tuesday mornings.

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