20 April 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 6 - Comin' back to Minnesota.

Welcome to Episode 5 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.

54 Minutes of playoff goodness, should've been firings and playoff things :).



Game 1 Review
Viewing Party Review, MOAR PLEASE!
Game 2 Review
#Duuuuub (YouTube We All Bleed Redd)
Listener Tweet on Game 1 (@uncanny_megan)
Justin and Joe disagree about if we've discussed officiating enough
3 Stars of the week.
Piece on Dumba and Torchetti (ESPN.com)
Justin second guesses Yeo's lineup at the end of game 2.  (Rhymes with panic)
Rest of the series, Wild Comin' Back to Minnesota.  Is 1-1 a good result, you betcha!
Who's been the better goalie in this series?
Regretting any picks yet?
"Win Justin Jelinek's Money $11.40 giveaway update." (NHL.com Bracket Challenge)
Should PK Subban have been suspended? (CBC)
Correction, Justin is wrong about PK Subban being suspended, I was thinking of this incident with Boston's Krejci for which Subban slid without punishment. (Boston Herald)
Ballard Update from Russo. (Star Tribune)
Horrifying abuse of Ottawa fans reported in Montreal. (Yahoo! Puck Daddy)
Edmonton wins the draft lottery. Joe is on Team McDavid.

Producer Andy Carlson speaks with KFAN's Paul Allen.  (PurpleFTW)

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