22 June 2015

SOTSO Hockey Podcast! - Episode 13 - Matt Cooke Mash

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Welcome to Episode 13 of the State of the State of Hockey podcast.
MP3 hosted at sotohockey.com and embedded below.

56 Minutes of begruding congrats to the Blackhawks, Wild News (okay mostly #DubnykWatch), and one of us wishing Matt Cooke good luck as he moves on.  (As if you didn't know which one of us that is.)



Review of the Final. (Congrats Blackhawks, I guess)
Finals TV Ratings [NBC Sports PR]
(Twin Cities actually a top 5 market of Final viewing, not top 10 like Justin said.)
#CoyotesWatch [PHT]
#DubnykWatch [Russo's Rants]
More Wild Talk [General Fanager]
A generous sampling of Cooke's attempts to injure players, including two in a Wild sweater [YouTube Kyle Greene]
Cooke tries to decapitate Ryan McDonough in 2011 [YouTube Loffen NYR]
And just because Justin loves this clip, the best moment in Atlanta Thrashers history [YouTube fcfightlog]
Excitement about the NHL schedule out on Thursday.
Justin owes Krystal Carlson an apology for giving former producer Andy Carlson credit for giving birth to their daughter. [@AndyCarlsonShow]

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